MIKON 2020
23rd International Microwave and Radar Conference
Warsaw, Poland
October 22, 2020

Short course website:
Short Course on Electromagnetic modelling

To provide the attendees of the Short Course on Electromagnetic Modelling with the most fruitful outcome from the theoretical lectures and also, practical experience with the discussed methods and solvers, the formula of the short course is being changed. The MIKON 2020 Short Course on Electromagnetic Modelling is now being organised as a fully virtual event and being postponed to October 22nd. We believe this new formula will bring the attendees the most effective and satisfactory tutorial experience. The Short Course virtual event will be open with no registration fee.

If you are interested in participating the Short Course on Electromagnetic Modelling virtual event, please send your participation request to Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha at molszewska@mhwmxt.com. The registration is available until October 7th.

The aim of the Short Course on electromagnetic modelling is to cover fundamental and practical issues of computer modelling with different numerical methods. The Short Course will present to its attendees an overview of modelling techniques. The focus will be given to two most popular discrete numerical methods: Finite Element Method and Finite Difference Time Domain method, addressing fundamentals, advantages, and basic causes of errors.

After the Short Course, all attendees will be provided with a three-month trial licence of full-capability QuickWave software.
The speakers will be:
Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha (QWED Sp. z o.o., Poland)
Prof. Per O. Risman (Mälardalen University, Sweden)
Prof. Adam Lamecki (Gdansk University of Technology, InventSim, Poland)
Dr. Grzegorz Fotyga (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)

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