Multiprocessor/multicore computing

Sequential version of QW-Simulator uses only one core during the simulation, and for certain important problems of microwave and millimetre-wave engineering remains beyond reach because of long CPU times required.

QW-MultiSim contains two multithread versions of QW-Simulator:
QW-OMP: this version uses OpenMP programming standard () to accelerate the FDTD loop, excitation and postprocessings. Because of high parallel efficiency and no changes in the project required in comparison to standard version, the QW-OMP can become the main QW-MultiSim version. QWED recommends using this version as a very convenient, easy and efficient tool for speeding up FDTD calculations.
QW-MTGOMP: combines the advantages of separating the actual FDTD calculations from graphics, Windows event loop, etc. and QW-OMP approach. It is particularly recommended to the users, who need to watch dynamic field distribution, as is typically the case in microwave power applications.